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There are old pilots and bold pilots

but few old, bold pilots.

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Name:Hercules Hansen
Birthdate:Nov 10

Herc Hansen was already in the military when the first Kaiju came out of the breach. The advent of fighting with jaegers was just an extension of his already existent fighting skills.

He started piloting with his younger brother, Scott, and proceeded to pilot every Mark of jaeger that was released, at least in testing if nothing else. It was in Lucky Seven that he discovered something about Scott that left the jaeger and their drift in tatters, but the matter was wrapped up and hidden behind layers of red tape.

In the end, he piloted Striker Eureka alongside his son, Chuck, until he was injured in the line of duty and had to be replaced by Stacker Pentecost. Even if he wasn't there himself, he is at least proud of the fact that it was a member of his family that helped save the world.

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